About Us

Clear Choice Media Corp is a Delaware based corporation providing a range of media and advertising services and technology solutions to the transportation industry. We offer a variety of informational and advertising media targeted to professional drivers, automobile commuters and the traveling public. We serve the quad state area of Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey with high quality and increased visibility truck mounted billboard advertising.

About Our Audience

Our audience are travelers, professional drivers and commuters. They are on the road and sometimes stuck in traffic. We deliver access to thousands of of these drivers every day. We reach them in controlled environments: in travel plazas and truck stops, and on toll roads using truck mounted billboard advertising

General Facts:


Today’s travel plazas are high traffic locations that offer a variety of service choices, nationally known restaurant franchises, movie theaters, and more. These are comfortable places for travelers of all kinds to take a break from the road and a great place to park a truck mounted billboard ad.

Some other facts: